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iconik Edge Transcoder

This section contains everything you need to know about installing and managing the iconik Edge Transcoder.


The iconik Edge Transcoder allows you to use a Virtual Machine on the cloud service where your storage is located and have it manage the transcodes and transfers for all files on that storage.

The iconik Edge Transcoder is compatible with:

The installation will utilize a locally installed FFMpeg and ImageMagick for transcoding on all supported platforms.


  • Works in the same region as your storage to save on transfer costs
  • One iconik Edge Transcoder can service multiple storages
  • One storage can be served by multiple iconik Edge Transcoders
  • Manages transcoding of supported formats


The following is the minimum requirements:

  • One of the above compatible Linux distributions.
  • Ability to access the storage that is needed to be managed.
  • Created in the same region as the storage.
  • 40Gb of storage.
  • Approximately 4 cores per stream of HD video for realtime transcoding.
  • 4Gb minimum of RAM and to transcode one stream, with 2Gb for every additional stream.

More information is available is documented here

Setting up

To setup the iconik Edge Transcoder please read our setup guide

On-premise storage

The iconik Storage Gateway can be used to monitor and transcode on-premise storage. More information here

More information for Administrators