Network Security

iconik operates it's network in a secure manner on top of Global Cloud leaders such as Amazon AWS and Google Cloud building upon their best practices.

This provides it with Denial of Service Protection, and best in class operational and physical security.

Intrusion Detection

The iconik network is built upon sophisticated intrusion detection from our cloud suppliers that use Machine Intelligence and proactive support for monitoring and responding to intrusion attempts.

Secure Access

We limit all access to iconik production environments internally to a handful of engineers that need access from a secure environment using access controls and secure accounts using application level access management. The internal networks at iconik Media have no access to any iconik production environments.

iconik testing environments and other environments are separated from the main production environments by accounts, location, complete network isolation and access control.


iconik logs all API calls and all operations performed on iconik for internal auditing processes into secured logging environments. The same Encryption at Rest is applied to log files as other files and data on iconik.


No VPNs are needed in the standard security model for iconik. If you are an enterprise customer and wish to utilise VPNs for all traffic between on-premise and iconik please contact sales and support.


iconik uses the services of a third-party company to perform tests to audit it's security.

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