iconik user interface

iconik is a web-based single page application with no need to install any application for normal use. On mobile, a separate Mobile view will be shown and some of the keyboard modifiers and selecting multiple entities will work differently.

Right-Click Menus

iconik uses right-click menus for showing menus of operations that can be performed on entities, such as:

  • Right-click on Search Results to perform operations on them.
  • Right-click on a Format in the formats window in assets.

Using Right-click

The menus are bound to right-click, on MacOS which might not have a right-mouse button you can also use the CTRL key and click to perform the right-click operation.

If you just right-click on an asset, any previous selection is cleared unless you hold down shift at the same time. On a Mac you can use SHIFT+CTRL+CLICK to keep the current selection and open the menu.

Selecting multiple entities

In certain places such as the search results page it is possible to highlight more than one asset at once to perform an action on them. You can use the multiple methods to select the assets that you want. De-selection is the reverse of selection.

Select continuous

This will select all the assets between the first and the last.

  1. Click on the first asset
  2. Hold down shift
  3. Click on the last asset that you want to be selected.

Select individual

  1. Click on the first asset
  2. Hold Down CMD on the Mac, or CTRL on Windows.
  3. Select the next asset(s) you want highlighted.

Drag and Drop.

In certain places, the interface uses drag-and-drop to easily let you perform certain actions such as:

  • Dragging an asset from the search results into a collection.
  • Dragging a collection into another collection.
  • Re-organizing metadata fields.
  • Re-organizing default sort order of entities.

Using drag and drop.

  1. Use the mouse to hover over the entity you wish to drag.
  2. Click and hold down the mouse button or trackpad.
  3. Start moving the entity.

If drag and drop is available here, you will get a representation of the entity or entities.

  1. Continue moving the entity over to the destination.
  2. Release the mouse button or trackpad over the destination.

Multiple drag and drop

In certain places, such as the search results you can highlight multiple assets

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