These are the roles that are needed:

  • Can read assets
  • Can read shares
  • Can write shares

Sharing Frequently asked questions.

Why are my Shared assets not available to download?

There can be multiple reasons that your file is not available for download, but these are the most common ones:

  • The file is stored on storage managed by the iconik Storage Gateway. - The ISG manages files on storages that don't often have internet access, particularly to the recipients of shares. These need to be transferred. See the section below.
  • The file has been shared out by a user that isn't allowed to download the original - Either the person that did the share need to be given access to the Asset, or a new share should be created by a user that is allowed to download.
  • The share when created was created with the option not to share out the media - Edit the share to allow Download.

How can I transfer files to make them available for download via a share?

There are multiple ways to transfer from an storage managed by the iconik gateway, these are covered here:

  • On an individual Asset - You can use the asset transfer to copy from the ISG storage to cloud storage.
  • On a collection of Assets - You can use the collection bulk transfer to copy the collection contents to cloud storage. This might take some time depending on the size of the collection and the amount of data it has to transfer.
  • Making an ISG always transfer to cloud - You can setup the ISG to always upload the files it finds to the cloud from it's settings page

Can I make the share last forever?

We have imposed a limit of 5 years on share media which an administrator can shorten to a duration they feel more comfortable with. If you have the need for sharing for longer please consider using browse users for iconik.

Can I set what my users can allow when sharing?

We have an administration screen for deciding what functionality whilst sharing is allowed or not, this is under the admin system sharing settings

Can I change the logo that recipients see in the email

You can set a logo for your account (system domain) that all recipients will see in the email. This is done as an administrator from system settings

Is there a limit to how many assets can be shared with a share link

Yes, there is a limit of 5000 assets per share link. If you would like your end users to have access to more assets than that please consider using multiple shares or making them browse users.

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