These are the roles that are needed:

  • Can_transcribe

API Links

Transcription API Link

Transcription Overview

iconik can send video content to Speech-to-Text services and store the resulting transcriptions against the Asset as iconik Segments. The transcription can be viewed, edited and downloaded from inside of iconik.

Asset Page Transcriptions

Using the transcription services will return into iconik text from the audio that the service you have used has identified. It can be organized by different speakers if the service identifies different voices, but also by dfferent time intervals of the video.

iconik has the built in ability to edit and delete the transcription text, change the speaker, and interactions with the transcription seek the video to the relevant frame.

Transcriptions can be downloaded in text or WebVTT format, and uploading captions/subtitles can be converted to transcriptions.

Searching in Transcriptions

By default the global search does not search in the transcription text. You can enable this on system or user level in the Search settings You can also use the Transcription text box in the Search filters (This box can be turned on/of in the Search settings as well)

In-depth articles

Transcriptions and Asset versions

Transcriptions are saved as timed metadata against a particular version of the asset.

Setting up transcriptions

As an Administrator you can setup a transcription service for use by yourself and other users of iconik. Go to the AI Integration page for more information.

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