Backblaze B2 FAQ

Uploading Files to B2 fails to make a proxy or thumbnail.

Check the permissions that you have on the B2 Bucket. It is usually because we don't have permission to read the file.

Is there a B2 cost for using iconik?

If you want previews and thumbnails of your media stored on Backblaze B2 in iconik then there will be a cost as we transfer the files to our transcoders to create the previews and thumbnails.

There is also a small transfer of a small portion of the file as we index your content.

Please refer to the B2 pricing of what the actual cost will be.

How can I control costs with B2?

With Backblaze B2 you can setup both Caps and Alerts and you should do this if you are using B2 in production. Their help article will explain more. We particularly like the ability to setup Download Bandwidth Caps.

If you require further information please contact their support.