Uploading Frequently Asked Questions

Please see below for some answers to frequently asked questions on search.

How long does it take to upload?

This depends on the file-size of the files that you are uploading, and the bandwidth available to your internet connection. iconik uses cloud storage which is typically not the bottleneck in uploading and downloading.

Can I navigate away from iconik?

When an upload is in progress, navigating away from the iconik page will stop the upload. You can however navigate to other places in iconik.

How many files can I upload at once?

Typically it's better to do uploads in batches.

Can I upload Directories/Folders?

Most of the current web-browsers have problems uploading folders/directories because of security restrictions. We are actively looking for a way to provide this to as many users as possible.

Can I add metadata whilst uploading?

Yes you can. Please see Adding Metadata with Uploads.

Are there other ways of importing files into iconik?

Yes, there are the following ways:

Do files need to be uploaded to the cloud for iconik to use them?

The iconik Storage Gateway product allows using your own storage and can make iconik aware of, and able to use those files.

Where will my uploaded file end up?

If your system has been configured with a default storage, then this is the one chosen when uploading. You can override this in the upload file window by selecting another storage if it's available.

If there is no default storage set, then the system will pick a storage for uploading.

Why can't I upload to the top level of the storage?

Your administrator can choose to remove the ability to upload to the top level by removing the role "Web can top level upload" from the User Groups that you are in.