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FAQ on Adobe Integration

Can I have the same functionality in Adobe After Effects as Adobe Premiere Pro?

We don't offer the same functionality in both products when using our Panel because the APIs that Adobe gives us are not the same. For example:

  • Reconnect missing files - We can't store the information about how a file is connected to iconik in the Adobe After Effects project as we can in Premiere.
  • Render using Adobe Media Encoder - We have tested this, and there is no API to start AME running from After Effects panels, and we don't get consistent feedback from the AME in After Effects.

Adobe Team Project support?

We have found that Adobe Team Projects strip out the metadata that we store in Adobe Premiere Pro project files for tracking files. You can push the project to Team Project but it will lose the iconik information. This has been reported to Adobe and we hope they will fix it soon.

Adobe Indesign support?

Currently we do not offer Adobe Indesign support with our panel but if there is considerable interest in using iconik with InDesign we will consider developing it.

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