These are the roles that are needed:

  • Admin
  • Can create users
  • Can delete users
  • Can read users
  • Can reindex users
  • Can write users

User Administration

Users are fundamentally important to iconik and form an integral part of the system. Typically each iconik account (known internally as a System Domain) will have multiple users as a part of that account.

Users can be organized in User Groups, and have different roles allowing them certain functionality within the system.

As an administrator, you can add, invite and delete users with your iconik account, and invite users that are already part of another iconik account.

User types

There are multiple levels of users in iconik. This is covered in the User Entity page.

Instructions on managing users

More user settings

Individual users can also set their own settings and preferences. This can be done by administrators as well, but we cover these settings and preferences in the general User Account pages.

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