Launching and Quitting

Automatic Launch on Start

The iconik Agent will install itself as a Login Item on macOS and a Startup Item on Windows. This will make the Agent start automatically when you log in on your machine. If you would like to remove this behavior you can do so in the following places depending on operating system.

  • macOS: In the System Preferences application under Users & Groups, select your user account in the left list and choose the Login Items tab. iconik Agent should be listed there so just select it and click the - button at the bottom.
  • Windows: In the Settings application, open Apps. Click on Startup on the left side and you should see iconik Agent to the right with the option to disable it.

Launching Manually

If the Agent is not currently running it can be launched in the following ways.

  • macOS: By double clicking the application in the /Applications folder.
  • Windows: The Agent installer will install a shortcut on the desktop as well as in the start menu.

Quitting the Agent

The Agent can be Quit in the following ways:

  • macOS: By clicking the Quit iconik Agent menu item in the application menu or using the Cmd+Q keyboard shortcut.
  • Windows: By clicking Exit from the File menu.

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