These are the roles that are needed:

  • Asset
  • Search
  • Upload

Upload Widget

The uploader widget is available in many places in the iconik interface. It's contextual so what happens to uploads changes depending on where you open it or trigger the opening by dragging files in to iconik.

It's always available on the bottom right of the interface as shown in the video above. Here is how it's context changes when opened from different places in the interface:

  • From the Search Page - Here the uploader will upload to the default place, and default storage unless you change that.
  • From a Collection - When you have navigated to a collection triggering any upload will then upload the files and add them to the collection you are in.
  • From the an Asset's page - When you upload from an Asset the uploader will ask whether you want to create a new version of an asset or whether you wish to create a new format - the file uploaded will not create a new asset in iconik at this point.


A lot of the functionality is shared with the upload page page. You are able to do the following when either right clicking on the filename in the uploader or choosing from the menu

Basic Uploading

You can drag files from your computer into iconik or open a file chooser + button and this will put them into the upload list.

Get file information

You can get information on the file that you are uploading such as the filesize, what storage it will end up as and whether it's associated to any Asset or Collection.

Setting Permissions

Upload Permissions

Before you upload you can set the basic permissions that you want on the file:

  • Collection - The file can be seen by anyone that has access to the collection that you are uploading to.
  • Only Me - Only you and Administrators will be able to see the file
  • Default - It will get the default permissions as setup by your administrator.

ACL editor for permissions

After uploading you can also set permissions using our ACL editor.

Setting Transcode Priority

Transcode Priority

If you administrator has enabled it you can also set the priority that the file will get in the transcode queue.

Location for upload

upload location

If you have multiple storage locations that you use for storing files for your assets, you can choose where you want the files to end up.

  1. Add the files to the uploader as per normal
  2. Select the upload storage from the list
  3. Press
  4. If you want to upload more files to another destination, then repeat steps 1 to 3, the existing files will still upload to the previously selected destination.

Viewing the files that you uploaded

Search for uploaded files

If you would like to view the files that you uploaded then you can make a search from the upload widget.

Clearing the upload queue

Clear upload queue

If you have finished uploading or you have files that you don't want uploaded in the uploader you can clear the queue.

Other options

  • Edit Title - Edits the title that the asset will get when the file has finished uploading.
  • Set Metadata - Adds metadata using the metadata window.
  • Remove - Removes the file from the list

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