Searching and viewing

Once your files have been uploaded or brought into iconik you can start searching for them and viewing them. Files that are brought into iconik become assets in the system, and they have associated metadata and can have previews and keyframes to make viewing easier.

Searching and Browsing

The main way to find content within iconik is to use the search interface for searching and browsing. You can search by filename, but if you have added more metadata it's possible to also search for assets that have the metadata that matches your search term. It's also possible to filter based on metadata, or indeed technical attributes like file type.

  1. Click on SEARCH in the main navigation.
  2. You will be presented with an empty search.
  3. Typing in the Search Bar will search for Assets and Collections.
  4. Use the button bar on the Left to open Filters
  5. Try selecting filters to narrow down your search.

To learn more about search see: Searching.

Viewing an Asset

Once you have found the asset that you are interested in you can go into that asset and see more details about it. For video, images and music files we can show previews, and for all file types you can view and add metadata as well as other information.

  1. In the search that you performed above, click on the title of an asset.
  2. You will be taken to the asset page for that asset.
  3. To the right you will see panels that will open different views on the asset such as Comments, Sharing and Review & Approve.
  4. You can add comments, type in metadata and for video and images even annotate.
  5. On the top right you will find navigation to let you page through the assets that are in your search results, or go back to the search result you came from. This handly will also switch to go back to a collection if you entered the asset from a collection.

To learn more about assets see: Assets

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