These are the roles that are needed:

  • Asset
  • Search
  • Collection

Copy or move assets in Collection

You can move or copy assets between collections.

Assets and Collections are added to Collections from the search.

  1. Go to the Search page.
  2. Open the Collections Panel
  3. Find the content you wish to copy or move.
  4. Select the content and start dragging to the destination.
  5. Drop on to the destination
  6. In the Modal dialog that appears you will have a choice on the operation you want to happend.
    1. Move will move everything from one collection to another.
    2. Copy will create new collection membership to the entities you are dragging.
  7. To finish select

Keyboard modifiers

As you drag you can use modifier keys to select what happens:

  • Default (No key held down): Move
  • Alt/Option: Copy.

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