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Commenting Overview

Comments let users have a dialog around an asset. They enable a threaded conversation that is related to an asset.

Further more they allow you to comment on segments of a video - using a time against the video, you can discuss that portion of a video.

Comments can also be used for helping you work, by using them for feedback, creating a discussion and also marking them as being done. You can annotate video and image assets with drawings to highlight areas in the frame that you are discussing.

You can mention others in a comment and iconik will notify them that there is a comment waiting for you.

Viewing Comments

You can view an asset's comments by going to that asset's page then:

  1. Click on the Comments icon on the left navigation bar.
  2. This will open the Comment panel.
  3. If the comment has an annotation you can click on the icon to view them.

If there are no comments the panel will be empty.

Marking Comments

With the Comment panel open:

  1. Hover over the Comment that you want to mark done.
  2. Click on the small checkmark that appears to toggle whether it's marked or not.

Also see how to annotate comments

Filter Comments

With the Comment Panel open it is possible to filter the comments on color and on search words.

To filter on comments type a search word in the search comment. It will show all comments containing the word, adding more words will show all comments that have either of the words typed into the search. The search is case sensitive.

To filter on color Click on the Color dropdown on the panel then select the colors which should be

Sort Comments

It is possible to sort the comments either by date or by timecode.

Open the Comments Panel then select the By Date or By TimeCode dropdown. Select which sorting you wish to have.

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