These are the roles that are needed:

  • Asset
  • Review

Creating a Review

With an Asset uploaded.

  1. Go to the Assets page.
  2. Click on button in the top left corner, and choose Request Approval.
  3. Select the users by starting to type their name, if they are not in the list or it's an external user type in their email address. You can enter more than one email address.
  4. Add a message that will be included in the email that they will get.
  5. Optionally choose a password that they have to enter when using the share link. This will also be sent to them in plain text.
  6. Optionally choose a metadata view that they will have access to.
  7. Allow download: will let the user download the asset.
  8. Allow comments: will let the user add comments.
  9. Allow setting approve status: will let the user set the Review and Approve Status.
  10. Link Expires - Choose a date when the share will time out.
  11. Click to send.

What the recipient users will see

They will get an email with the message that you provided. There will also be a link to the asset, that let's them only view that one asset unless they have an iconik account with you.

If you send the review to yourself, please note that you login as a normal user, they will have a different view.

Edit Review Request

It is possible to add and remove members to the review as well as changing the settings which was set when creating the review.

Go to the asset page then:

  1. Open the Review & Approve panel.
  2. Edit the fields you wish to change.
  3. Click on

If you add another email or user to the review click on the add user icon next to the users name instead of UPDATE

If you add more users they will not automatically have a password unless you change one on the settings, this will however also change the password of previous users and groups without notifying them

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