These are the roles that are needed:

  • Can read assets
  • Can read shares
  • Can write shares

API Links

Sharing Multiple Assets API Link

Sharing multiple Assets

It is possible to share multiple assets at once out to a one or more recipients.

How to select the assets for sharing

  1. Go to the search page and search for the assets that you want to share
  2. Select multiple assets either use Apple+Click or using SHIFT+click
  3. Click on the gearbox menu at the top right
  4. Right click or CTRL+click on one of the select assets
  5. Choose Share
  6. The share window will open

Tip: If you want to share out multiple assets that can not be gathered from the same search result create a collection, add the assets to the collection and share out the collection

Share Window

This Window let's you create a share link that will be emailed out.

  1. Select the users by starting to type their name, if they are not in the list or it's an external user type in their email address.
  2. Add a message that will be included in the email that they will get.
  3. Optionally choose a password that they have to enter when using the share link. This will also be sent to them in plain text.
  4. Optionally choose a metadata view that they will have access to.
  5. Allow download: will let the user download the asset.
  6. Allow comments: will let the user add comments.
  7. Allow setting approve status: will let the user set the Review and Approve Status.
  8. Link Expires - Choose a date when the share will time out.
  9. Click to send.

This will send out an email to all users that have been selected.

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