These are the roles that are needed:

  • Admin
  • Read storage
  • Write storage
  • Reindex storage

Adding Files Storage

You can add files storage to work with the iconik Storage Gateway.

Prepare for adding the storage.

To prepare, install the iconik Storage Gateway and make sure that you know which directory on the file system will or does contain your files to configure as the Mount Point

Where to add storage

  1. Click on ADMIN in the top navigation.
  2. Choose Storages from the left navigation bar.
  3. Click on + NEW STORAGE to open the form to create a storage.

iconik file storage configuration

Start filling out the parameters

  1. Choose the purpose for the storage as Files
    • Files - for general storage of files.
    • Export - The storage is a destination for export jobs.
    • Archive - The storage is an archive destination
  2. Select Files as the Storage Type
  3. Input your Mount Point, Bucket and Project as gathered in the preparation step to the fields.
  4. Select Read if you want iconik to be able to read files on the storage.
  5. Select Write if you want iconik to be able to write files to the storage.
  6. Select Delete if you would like iconik to have the ability to delete files on this storage. Please note, that if this is set to true, that when an asset is deleted in iconik it will also be removed from this storage when Purging
  7. Enter a Direct Transfer Address if you want the ISG to be able to transfer to another ISG over your network.
  8. Select Enable Scan if you wish to enable scanning for new files on this storage. A label "SCAN" will be visible next to the storage in the list. Click on SCAN to scan through the cloud storage and add the new files to iconik.
  9. If you only wish to scan a subset of the directories on this bucket, you can enter in Scan Directories which will limit the scanning to these directories only.
  10. Enable Allow Access Outside Scan Directories if you want ISG to be allowed to read and write files outside of the listed Scan directories (Useful for some transfers or API integrations).
  11. Optionally change Scan Interval to change how often the ISG looks for new and updated files in the file system.
  12. Optionally change the Growing Files Threshold if you need to change how long the ISG will wait while a file updates in the file system. The default is 10 seconds and works in the majority of all cases but might need to be increased if necessary.
  13. Click to continue.

iconik will verify that is has access to the storage and report back if it finds that it doesn't have the necessary requirements or the credentials do not work.

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