Organizing with collections

The primary way of organising your files (which have become assets in iconik) is by using Collections.

Collections allow you to group assets and other collections. You can also define who is allowed to view or use the collection. Unlike a folder or directory on your computer, an asset in iconik can live in multiple collections at the same time.

It becomes a powerful heirarchy that can not only describe the contents of your storage and how that is organised, but also allow for organisation by other means - such as by project.

A Collection can also be shared with other users, user groups or indeed to anyone if you give them access via sharing.

1. Creating Collections

  1. Go to the Search page.
  2. Open the Collections panel in Search by pressing the collections panel icon
  3. Click to the collection which you want to branch from. If you do not want to branch from a collection select the root /.
  4. In the text box in the panel write the name for the collection.
  5. Press the plus icon to create the collection.

2. Adding Assets to Collections

You can add assets and indeed other collections to a Collection.

  1. Go to the Search page.
  2. Search to find the Asset(s) that you want to add to a Collection.
  3. Open the Collections panel in Search by pressing the collections panel icon.
  4. Drag the asset or collection you want to add to the Collection in the panel

There is more information in the Adding an Asset to a Collection help page.

3. Sharing Collections

It's possible to share collections with other users of iconik, or to create a link which can be shared with anyone.

  1. Go to the collection panel in search
  2. Find the collection that you want to share
  3. Right click on the collection or press the 3 dot menu item to bring up the menu
  4. Choose Share
  5. A modal window will appear.
  6. You can enter either the name of another iconik user, or type in an email address. And you can enter as many users as you wish.
  7. Optionally you can write a message, select what metadata will be shown.
  8. Choose an expiry date
  9. Click to send

This will send an email to those users that you have shared with. The user can then click in the email to see the items in the collection that was shared.

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