These are the roles that are needed:

  • Asset
  • Search

Full Screen Asset viewing

The iconik asset page supports viewing full screen, which is allowed for image and video previews. If you are coming from search results, collection or saved search you can also jump between the next and previous asset without leaving the full screen view.

The annotation tools are available for full screen viewing, as well as viewing comments, metadata and other information.

Opening the full screen

To open the full screen:

  1. Visit the asset page for a video or image asset
  2. Press they keyboard shortcut [f]
  3. Or click on the full screen icon

Keyboard shortcuts

  • [ESC] - (escape) Exit from full screen.
  • [m] - Next Asset.
  • [n] - Previous Asset.
  • [f] - Enter full screen.

The short cuts available is also complimented by the included shortcuts for the type of asset you are using:

But the following are useful:

  • [SPACE] - Play / Pause toggle for videos and audio.
  • [+] - Zoom in for images.
  • [-] - Zoom out for images.

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