These are the roles that are needed:

  • Can_create_assets
  • Can_create_formats
  • Web_can_upload


Please read through the following documentation to understand how to upload assets.


Uploading is one possible way to get new files into the system, which then become assets.

In addition to this you can also upload subtitles/captions, proxy files and new formats to existing assets. For some of the use cases for these please see the additional document under Asset files administration

How to do a basic upload.

To upload:

  1. Choose upload from the main navigation
  2. If this is the first time that you have uploaded you will be presented with the empty upload window.
  3. You can choose to Drag files from your computer into the middle of the window or click on CHOOSE FILES OR DRAG HERE and choose the files using your web-browsers file open dialog.
  4. You can drag or choose one or more files to upload.
  5. Once you have added your files they will show up as rows.
    • To remove a file before it is uploaded, click on the the red cross next to the file to remove it.
    • You can also add metadata before the file is uploaded.
  6. Check if correct storage is selected in upper left corner. If not, select the correct storage place.
  7. If the administrator has required that metadata has to be entered on upload you will see a Metadata Form appear.
  8. When you are ready, click to start the upload process.
  9. When uploading you will get a progress bar for each file as it uploads.
  10. After the file is finished it will get a green check mark to the left to say it's done.

Once the upload is in progress you can navigate to other areas of iconik and the upload will continue


Please use the menu on the left to view all the subsections of this help to get information on performing different tasks.

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