How does your Premiere Pro Integration work?

We have a panel that is embedded in the Adobe applications. The panel is shared between the supported Adobe Applications. More information is available in our documentation

What file types are supported by the proxy workflow?

We support an Edit Proxy format that is created by the iconik Edit Proxy transcoder. This can be configured to be created for your videos.

As a fallback for video assets that don't have an Edit Proxy format the proxy workflow will use the h.264 low bitrate proxy format that we use in our web frontend. This has certain restrictions as it's in an MP4 container on number of audio channels and tracks. It is also possible via the API to create a new format that can be used as a proxy and this can be any codec or container format that you like.

What files types can you proxy?

Generally proxy support should be limited to video, as that is what is supported by Adobe themselves. It is possible that it works for audio and other types but you might experience problems when it comes to switching them within Premiere using the native functionality.

You should also be aware that you should only proxy with material with the same layout of audio tracks as the original material

What file types can you open from iconik?

We don't restrict the files by type when you try and open it in the Adobe Applications. As over time the formats and types of files that the Adobe apps change we let the host application handle whether it can open the file or not.

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