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  • Storage FAQ

    Can I use S3 compatible storage?

    It depends on how compliant it is with the S3 protocol. We have found some storage types and vendors to not properly implement the protocol and so it will lead to inconsistancies. Usually these will be found as soon as you try and use the storage with iconik.

    Can iconik use my existing cloud storage?

    If it is supported by iconik, (the current list is on the storage administration page you can use your own cloud storage. We can scan for changes as you upload assets to your bucket.

    What costs do I incur with my own cloud storage?

    Typically the cost of transfer of the file into iconik when transcoding to different formats. This is different for different cloud providers, and you should check the egress costs to get an idea on how much it will cost per Gigabyte.

    Can I utilise my on-premise storage?

    Yes, by using the iconik Storage Gateway.

    How can I back up my data from iconik?

    There are two types of data that you might want to backup from iconik:

    • Metadata and everything that has been entered into iconik.
    • The files themselves.

    When backing up metadata, you can use our APIs. Everything that you enter and store in iconik is available through the APIs, and these are the same APIs that we use to provide functionality. You could periodically run scripts or a service that goes through everything to create a backup, or you could take advantage of webhooks to get notifications when changes occur.

    When backing up your media files you could either access them through the provided iconik APIs or use our bring-your-own-storage service. By using your own cloud storage bucket, you have complete access to the storage bucket that the files are saved on.