These are the roles that are needed:

  • Asset
  • Search
  • Can_analyze_content

Analysis of Asset Content

iconik uses the latest AI technology to apply intelligence to your content.

Video and images can be automatically tagged based on their content. It also enables reviewing suggested tags and requesting approval on tags that have been suggested.

Supported Asset types

Current we support:

We are looking into supporting additional formats in the future.

Working with the tags.

Once your video is analyzed they become tags. Each tag that is put into the system matches a pre-determined quality threshold. Any that are just above that are marked with a question mark as the system might be slightly unsure of these matches. You can remove the tag altogether, or toggle off the question mark if you like the result.

Bulk Analysis

You can also do bulk analysis on many assets at once, please see the associated page: Bulk Analyze Collection Content and Bulk Analyze Saved Search Content for more information.

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