These are the roles that are needed:

  • Collections

Collection Information

iconik can show information about the collection, such as the number of assets or the approximate size of the collection.

Showing Collection information

  1. Visit the search page.
  2. Find the collection you want to have information on
  3. Right click on the collection name
  4. Choose Get Info in the context menu
  5. A modal window will appear with the collection information.

Alternatively, if you are already in a collection you can choose Get Info from the gearbox menu in the top right.

Information shown:

  • Title - the current title of the collection.
  • Size - the calculated filesize that we have for all the assets original format in the collection.
  • Assets - A count of the assets in this collection and any sub-collection(s).
  • Subcollections - A count of all subcollections under this collection and it's sub-collections.
  • Date Added - The date that Collection was created in iconik.
  • Id - The iconik UUID for this collection.

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