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Please read through the following documentation to understand how assets work.

iconik asset


Assets are one of the main entities that you work with in iconik. Each asset is usually linked to one or more files, and when you upload a file into iconik, an asset is created for that file and it will show up in the search results. The asset will automatically get some information from the file, for example the asset title will come from the filename of the file. But unlike a just a regular file, an asset can be referenced to more than that one file, it could contain multiple such as a preview of the file, or understand that the same file is on multiple storages. It also holds metadata about the file, access rights, comments and relationships to other files and to collections.


If you come to an Asset's page from the search or a collection, navigation appears letting you go forward and back between the items in that search or collection, or go back up to that search and collection.


For assets that we create previews for, the main view is of the preview of the asset.

  • Videos will get a video preview, which can be played back using our video player.
  • Audio gets an audio preview which can be played back using our audio player.
  • Images will show a representation of the image in our image viewer.

Previews of video and images can be shown full screen.


There are multiple panels available for the asset page:

  • Access Control - For choosing who can do what to this asset.
  • Comments - For commenting and replying on comments on an asset.
  • Files - For viewing, downloading and deleteing formats.
  • Metadata - For adding and editing metadata.
  • Relations - For managing relationships between assets.
  • Review and Approve - For reviewing and approving comments.
  • Sharing - For sharing assets.
  • SubClips - For allowing parts of an asset to represented as it's own asset.
  • Time-Based Metadata - For adding metadata so a time segment.
  • Transcriptions - For managing transcriptions of an asset

Review and Approve

If you would like to know more about review and approve, please visit Review and Approve documentation.


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