These are the roles that are needed:

  • Collections


Please read through the following documentation to understand how collections work in iconik.


Collections are a good way to organize your assets. It allows you to group assets and collection into a tree structure as well as use ACL's to define who is allowed to view or use the collection. Unlike a folder or directory on your computer an asset in iconik can live in multiple collections at the same time.

Collections can also have an ordering for their content. This ordering is "global" for the collection, and you can't have more than one order on a collection. If you wish to have multiple orders, consider having multiple collections with the same content with different ordering.

Some use cases

By using the ability to define who is allowed to see and use collections you can also share them with other users.


There are multiple panels available for the collection page:

  • Access Control - For choosing who can do what to this collection.
  • Metadata - For adding and editing metadata.
  • Sharing - For sharing the collection.


Please use the menu on the left to view all the subsections of this help to get information on performing different tasks.

More information on Collections