These are the roles that are needed:

  • Search - all (anything that mentions search!)
  • Can create assets
  • Can write assets
  • Can read assets
  • Can read asset subtitles
  • Can read assets history
  • Can write asset relations
  • Can read asset relations
  • Can delete asset relations
  • Can write versions
  • Can delete versions
  • Can write approval request (if required)
  • Can read approval request
  • Can delete approval request (if required)
  • Can read subscriptions
  • Can read collections
  • Can write collections
  • Can read metadata views
  • Can read metadata values
  • Can write metadata values
  • Can read metadata fields
  • Can write metadata fields
  • Can read metadata categories
  • Can read segments
  • Can read custom actions
  • Can write keyframes
  • Can create transcode jobs
  • Can write formats
  • Can create formats
  • Can read formats
  • Can write files
  • Can read files
  • Can read proxies
  • Can read transfers
  • Can read storages
  • Can reindex assets
  • Can create asset relations
  • Web can view versions
  • Web can upload
  • Can read notifications
  • Can read notification settings

Iconik and Adobe CC Integration

Please read through the following documentation to understand how iconik integrates with Adobe Creative Cloud products by using their panel architecture.

iconik Panel in Adobe Premiere Pro


We support direct integration with certain Adobe Creative Cloud applications to enable users to quickly search, find and use assets in iconik and upload the generated assets back into iconik. This integration works directly within the supported Adobe application so that users do not have to switch away from the product.

Supported Products

At the moment the Adobe products that are supported are:

What is supported

Different Adobe products support different workflows and functionality and so iconik support different functionality depending on the product.

All products have:

  • Support for searching and viewing assets in iconik from the Adobe Application.
  • Support for opening files from iconik.
  • Support for uploading files from within the Adobe Application to iconik.
  • Opening a web browser for assets that are in the panel.

To see what is supported for a certain product please choose the application from the list of applications above.

General Guides

The following information is similar to all panels

General Information about uploading and downloading

iconik is a cloud application, and usually most of the assets that you have in iconik will live on cloud storage. To work with the files that you have in iconik, the Adobe panel will download any file that you wish to use to your local computer. It is downloaded to a iconik directory, underneath your user's documents directory.

Uploading from your Adobe Application will upload to iconik's cloud storage. Some applications will also render out the file and then upload. Please make sure to keep the Adobe Application open until the asset has been created with a preview in iconik.

  • Downloading and uploading is bandwidth dependant, if you have a slow internet connection or metered connection please be aware that large files might take some time

An alternative to always uploading and downloading assets is to use iconik's Storage Gateway. This monitors your local storage for files, and can make them available to iconik without the need of transferring up and down using the cloud.


Please use the menu on the left to view all the subsections of this help to get information on performing different tasks.

Debugging and information for support

If you need to contact support with information about using the panel, this page has some useful information:

Panel Release Notes

If you need to know what has been updated in the panel, please check out our release notes here: