These are the roles that are needed:

  • Can_read_assets
  • Can_read_formats
  • Can_write_transfers
  • Can_read_storages
  • Can_read_files

API Links

Asset Formats Transfer API Link

Asset Format Transfer

Using iconik you can copy a format from one storage onto another storage. This is done through the files panel.

Request original button placement

To transfer the format of an asset to another storage go to the asset's page for transferring:

  1. Go to the asset that you wish to transfer
  2. Open the files panel
  3. Right click on the format you wish to transfer.
  4. Select Transfer/Copy.
  5. If the file is on more than one storage, select which storage to transfer from.
  6. Select which storage you wish to move the file to.
  7. Select the path in that storage where the format should be put in.
    1. If you want to put it in the same path as it's being read from the source storage use "Use current path".
    2. If you want to select a new path on the destination storage, uncheck "Use current path" and enter in a new path.
  8. Optionally: if you know that the source storage and the destination storage are unable to communicate directly (such as one being an AWS S3 bucket and the other being Microsoft Azure) select "Allow transfers through iconik". This option can occur transfer costs.
  9. Click to confirm.

A job will be created in the background will now be created to do the file transfer.

Request Original

If the Original files(s) of a format reside only on an iconik Storage Gateway (ISG), a Request Original button will appear in the GUI.

Request original button placement

Clicking REQUEST ORIGINAL will immediately create a job for transferring the Original format to you default cloud storage.


It is not possible to transfer the low resolution proxy file to another storage. It is also not possible to move to or from a storage which is not accessible.

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