These are the roles that are needed:

  • Admin
  • Can delete transcoders
  • Can read transcoders
  • Can write transcoders

iconik Transcoder for iconik Storage Gateway

The iconik Storage Gateway needs in most cases it's own transcoder for generating proxy and other files from your video and audio files. This should be installed when setting up the iconik Storage Gateway.



  • Data - Additional data and options to be sent to the transcoder for advanced usage.
  • Directory for Edit Proxies - This is the directory relative to the root of the storage this transcoder is used on for storing Edit Proxies that are made using the iconik Transcoder.
  • Max Proxy Size - The maximum resolution that we will create proxies in. We will not upscale small content, but larger resolutions will be downsized.
  • Max Proxy Bitrate - The maximum bit rate the encoder should use.
  • Include Patterns - The transcoder will only transcode files which contain the (case-sensitive) pattern from this field. Examples:
    • *exclude* (match file/folder with substring exclude)
    • *.mov (match file/folder that ends on .mov)
    • You can also use regular expressions: re:/^.*\.mov$/ (match file/folder with .mov ending)
  • Exclude Patterns - The transcoder will ignore files which contain the (case-sensitive) pattern from this field.

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