iconik Agent

This section contains links on how to get started using the iconik Agent.

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The iconik Agent is a companion application to the iconik web aiming to simplify some of the workflows in iconik. It comes as a native application supporting Windows and macOS and provides the following functionality:

  • A better download experience allowing downloads of collections as well as pausing and resuming of all downloading files.
  • A better upload experience. Allows uploading and preserving directory structure as well as pausing and resuming uploads. Support for setting metadata on asset and selecting a specific target collection.
  • Easily locate files on locally mounted ISGs through the web interface.

Getting Started

  1. Installing on macOS and Installing on Windows
  2. Configuring iconik Agent
  3. Logging in to the iconik Agent
  4. Downloading an Asset
  5. Uploading an Asset
  6. Launching and Quitting the iconik Agent

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