These are the roles that are needed:

  • Search - all (anything that mentions search!)
  • Can create assets
  • Can write assets
  • Can read assets
  • Can read asset subtitles
  • Can read assets history
  • Can write asset relations
  • Can read asset relations
  • Can delete asset relations
  • Can write versions
  • Can delete versions
  • Can write approval request (if required)
  • Can read approval request
  • Can delete approval request (if required)
  • Can read subscriptions
  • Can read collections
  • Can write collections
  • Can read metadata views
  • Can read metadata values
  • Can write metadata values
  • Can read metadata fields
  • Can write metadata fields
  • Can read metadata categories
  • Can read segments
  • Can read custom actions
  • Can write keyframes
  • Can create transcode jobs
  • Can write formats
  • Can create formats
  • Can read formats
  • Can write files
  • Can read files
  • Can read proxies
  • Can read transfers
  • Can read storages
  • Can reindex assets
  • Can create asset relations
  • Web can view versions
  • Web can upload
  • Can read notifications
  • Can read notification settings

Sequence Management

You can manage sequences from the Project Tab in the Premiere Panel.

iconik Panel in Adobe Premiere Pro

All the Premiere Pro sequences for the current project are listed under the sequences table. Each sequence is listed in the table and there is a menu (right click or use the menu icon). With this table we can:

Make sure to synchronize the project if you are not seeing your latest changes

  • Activate Sequence - This will activate the sequence in Adobe Premiere.
  • Upload Render - This will upload a render of the sequence to iconik and create a new asset.

When a sequence has been rendered and an asset created from the sequence it will show that it is an iconik asset with an option to either view the iconik asset in the panel or pressing the icon will open the asset in a web browser. You will also have the following extra options in the menu:

  • Disassociate sequence from iconik asset - This will remove the association of the sequence to the iconik asset. This is a non-reversible action.
  • View associated asset - This will open the asset in the panel
  • View in iconik - This will open a web browser to view the assoicated asset.
  • Upload Render - This will upload another render of the sequence.

Rendering and Uploading Sequences

You can of course render any sequence as per normal with you Premiere Project. But if you would like to upload the file that results from the render to create an iconik asset you can choose to Upload the Render.

These will use Adobe Media Encoder to render out the sequence, create a file (in the iconik Workflow folder) and then upload it.

To render out and upload from the Project Tab:

  1. Right Click on the sequence you want in iconik.
  2. Choose Upload Render
  3. In the Modal Dialog that appears choose your Adobe Media Encoder preset (your custom ones should appear at the top).
  4. If you have uploaded this before, you can either upload as a new version of the asset or a new asset
  5. Click OK
  6. The sequence will render in the background and upload

You can also use the normal upload functionality which will work on your current sequence.

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