These are the roles that are needed:

  • Search - all (anything that mentions search!)
  • Can create assets
  • Can write assets
  • Can read assets
  • Can read asset subtitles
  • Can read assets history
  • Can write asset relations
  • Can read asset relations
  • Can delete asset relations
  • Can write versions
  • Can delete versions
  • Can write approval request (if required)
  • Can read approval request
  • Can delete approval request (if required)
  • Can read subscriptions
  • Can read collections
  • Can write collections
  • Can read metadata views
  • Can read metadata values
  • Can write metadata values
  • Can read metadata fields
  • Can write metadata fields
  • Can read metadata categories
  • Can read segments
  • Can read custom actions
  • Can write keyframes
  • Can create transcode jobs
  • Can write formats
  • Can create formats
  • Can read formats
  • Can write files
  • Can read files
  • Can read proxies
  • Can read transfers
  • Can read storages
  • Can reindex assets
  • Can create asset relations
  • Web can view versions
  • Web can upload
  • Can read notifications
  • Can read notification settings

Bulk Uploading all non-iconik assets

In an Adobe Premiere Pro Project you might have media that is in your project that only exists locally and that should be uploaded to iconik so that it can be shared with others or made available to other projects.

  1. Open the iconik panel
  2. Make sure that you are logged into iconik via the panel.
  3. Open the project tab.
  4. Click on the gearbox to the right of Project Files
  5. Choose "Upload Non-iconik Project Items"
  6. Do not close the panel or project whilst iconik is uploading (you can watch the progress in the TRANSFERS window).

If you have a large amount of files, or very large files this process can take some time

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