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  • Asset
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Asset Formats

Assets can have one or more Formats Associated with them.

The Format Panel under assets shows all the formats that are associated with this asset.

Original Format

This is a reference to the Original Format that was derived from the Original File that was uploaded.

Low Resolution Format

When we process the file we create a proxy “low resolution” of the asset. Depending on the Original File that was uploaded it might have the same actual resolution as the original, but it's a version of the asset that iconik can playback within a web-browser.

Downloading Formats

You can download each of the formats listed in the Formats Panel if iconik has access to them.

  • Click on the Download icon next to the format.
  • The file will be Downloaded through your web-browser.

Some formats can be on storage that we are unable to access from iconik, the download icon will not show for these formats

Deleting Formats

If you have the correct role you will be able to delete a format:

Please make sure that you wish to delete the format

  1. Open the Formats Panel for the Asset.
  2. Click on the Delete Format icon.
  3. Select Delete.

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