These are the roles that are needed:

  • Can_read_assets
  • Can_read_files
  • Can_read_format

API Links

Media Formats Administration API Link

Media Formats

Media Formats are the main file or files that make up the asset. For example if you have uploaded a video to iconik, it's Media Format will be shown for the video file.

You can manage formats using the panel either by right clicking on the row or by using the three dot menu

Media Files panel on the asset page of iconik

The formats are presented in the files panel like the following.

Format Name and Type File name Storage
Format Name
Format Type
File Name

If the format is stored on more than one storage, there will be multiple filenames shown next to each storage it's on.

Media Formats Administration

Media Formats can be administrated by right clicking on the row containing the format or clicking on the three dot menu.

  1. Go to the asset's page.
  2. Open the files panel
  3. In the files panel find the format or file that you wish to work with.


The options available can depend on whether you have the correct roles to perform the action, or ACLs on the asset.


To upload a new proxy see uploading format.

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