These are the roles that are needed:

  • Search
  • Asset

Adobe Premiere Pro Integration

iconik integrates with Adobe Premiere by using their panel architecture.

What is Supported

  • Adobe Team Projects and standalone projects
  • Support for searching and viewing assets in iconik from the Adobe Application.
  • Support for opening files from iconik.
  • Support for uploading a rendered sequence from within the Adobe Application to iconik.
  • Support for uploading all non-iconik files that are used in a project to iconik.
  • Adding XMP metadata to an imported asset to track that it is managed by iconik upon importing into an Adobe Premiere project.
  • Synchronizes project information to iconik so we know which assets came from iconik.
  • Proxy workflows
  • Project Upload and Download
  • iconik Storage Gateway

Please see Panel First Steps for basic functionality of how to use the panel, search and import Assets.

Premiere Pro specific functionality

The following functionality is only available with the panel running in Adobe Premiere Pro.

Open in Source Monitor

If an asset has been imported into Premiere Pro from iconik it will get a menu item ”Open in Source Monitor” within the panel. Choosing this will open the file in the Premiere Pro source monitor.

Select in Bin

If an asset has been imported into Premiere Pro from iconik it will get a menu item “Select in Bin”. Selecting this will search the bin for this asset and highlight it.

Search for Selected Bin Item

From the search page, click on the gearbox. There will be an option for ”Search for Selected Bin Item”. If you have a Project Item selected in the Project Bin it will search iconik for that item.

Comments as Markers

Comments with TimeCode that are made against an asset in iconik are brought into iconik as Markers when they are first imported. Only the first level of comments is brought in, so any replies to comments will be ignored.

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