These are the roles that are needed:

  • Power user
  • Can delete metadata fields
  • Can write metadata fields
  • Can read metadata fields

Mapping Metadata

You can map embedded metadata like IPTC, XMP, and EXIF to iconik metadata fields for your assets. When a new file is uploaded to iconik, mapped fields values will be automatically populated in to the asset’s own metadata. For example in Adobe Premiere Pro you can enter metadata into a file, with the mapping of metadata it is possible for this metadata to come into iconik.

How to Map a Metadata Field:

The list of fields that you can inherit from is generated automatically from the embedded metadata in the files that you add to iconik. Therefore if there is a XMP/Exif/IPTC field that is not listed, uploading a file that has this will add to the list.

  1. Go to the Admin page , then to Metadata
  2. Add a Metadata field
  3. Under “inherit from” you can select the technical metadata to be mapped.
  4. Then use the new mapped field in existing or new metadata views.

If you have an asset already imported that you wish to inherit metadata from after creating the field mapping, re-indexing will populate the metadata.

Multiple values

It is possible to have multiple values seperated by either a comma or semi-colon mapped to tag fields in iconik.

More information on Metadata Fields