These are the roles that are needed:

  • Asset
  • Search
  • Can read collection
  • Can write collection

Bulk editing metadata

It's possible to update the metadata for more than one asset at once from the search page.

  1. Search for the assets that you wish to update
  2. Select the first asset
  3. Either use the SHIFT key to select a range, by selecting the last asset or use the CTRL key on Windows or the Apple key on MacOS to select multiple individual assets.
  4. Right Click on one of the selected Assets and select Update Metadata
  5. Change the metadata fields you wish to update.
  6. Press to update the field on all assets.

Please note, This replaces any entry of metadata on the assets that already have that field populated unless they are tag fields.

Selecting how tag fields are updated.

Tag fields in a metadata form when bulk updating have an additional option that changes the behaviour on how the values are applied to the assets. These options are:

  • Append - this will add new tags to the metadata in addition to the tags already present.
  • Overwrite - this will replace any existing tags with the options that you are adding now.
  • Remove - this will removes the listed tags if previously added, ignoring assets that don't have those tags.

You can also apply metadata changes to all content of a collection or a saved search.

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