Updating Metadata Views

Metadata views can be edited, either to change the fields that are displayed or to change it's properties.

On the Admin page:

  1. Click on ADMIN in the top navigation.
  2. Choose Metadata from the left navigation bar.
  3. Choose Views from the tabs menu under the title.
  4. Select the metadata view you wish to update by clicking on the Metadata View name.
  5. You will get redirected to the Metadata View editor.
  6. Make the changes you wish to do:

Edit Metadata View from the edit tab:

  1. Select Edit View from the tab menu.

On the left will be the display of the current Metadata View. On the right in this view is the Metadata Fields panel

  • Adding Metadata Fields: Select or drag fields to the desired position from the Metadata Fields panel.
  • Edit Metadata Fields for the view: fields can have overridden attributes on Metadata Views. Once a field is added to a view some of its attributes can be replaced clicking the edit button beside the field in the form. This will open a window with the current attributes of the field. Changes here will not affect the usage of this field in other Metadata Views and it can always be reverted from this same window.
  • Remove Metadata Fields from the view: click on the X button beside the Metadata Field.
  • Rearrange Metadata Fields in the view: Drag the fields in the form to the desired position.
  • Edit the view name: Click on the Metadata View name on the page title and enter the new name.
  • Edit the view description Click on the Metadata View description below the page title and enter the new name.

Edit Metadata View ACLs

  1. Select ACLs from the tab menu above the view.

  • Add new permissions - Select Users and/or Groups, enter the desired permissions and click on
  • Edit permissions - Right click on the permission row, click on Edit, enter the new permissions and click on
  • Delete Permissions - Right click on the permission row and click on Delete.

Edit Metadata View categories

This allows you to quickly choose which Metadata Category this view will be used in without going to the Metadata Category editor

  1. Select Categories from the tab menu above the view.
  2. Switch on/off the categories the view should be in.

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