Privacy Policy

1. Collection and use of personal data


Cantemo AB (org. no. 556810-0779) (“Cantemo”) is the personal data controller for the processing of personal data in connection with the use of Cantemo’s cloud based media management and collaboration platform, Cantemo IconikTM (the “Platform”).


Personal data is all and any kind of data that, directly or indirectly, can be used to identify or contact a natural person.


You will be asked to provide personal information in order to set up a user account to use the Platform and any services connected to it. The collected personal data will include user’s full name and e-mail address, as well as information regarding the use of the Platform. If you choose to provide such information, Cantemo will also process data concerning chosen alias and phone number.


If you choose to purchase credits through invoice, Cantemo will, in addition to the information prescribed in 1.3 above, need an address to which invoices should be sent, as well as other (company) billing information, being name of contact person and company VAT-number.


Cantemo may also have received your personal information from a third party, through user directory services. In such cases, Cantemo will notify you of the processing of your personal data within four weeks from the commencement of processing.


Cantemo uses the personal data to manage the user account as well as to communicate with users and to send relevant notices. The personal data is therefore necessary in order for Cantemo to administrate the accounts and use of the granted license to use the Platform in accordance with the user terms.


If you give your consent, Cantemo may also collect and use personal data to operate and improve the Platform, Cantemo’s website, services and products, and to make them easier to use. The personal data may also be used for research and data analysis for the same purpose.


Users may at any time request access to the processed personal information, as well as to request changes, corrections or deletion of any inaccurate data as well as request for a restriction of Cantemo’s processing of data. Users also have the right to object to Cantemo’s processing and has the right to data portability. Such requests shall be sent in writing to Cantemo AB, Box 45001, SE-104 30 Stockholm, Sweden, or e-mail In addition, users may at all times make changes to the processed personal information on the user account.


Cantemo is cautious of your privacy and integrity and makes its best efforts to 
safeguard your personal data. Should you nevertheless have remarks on the processing, you are most welcome to contact us on the abovementioned contact information. You are also always entitled to contact the supervisory authority.


Cantemo and its affiliates may share user’s personal information with each other and use it in consistency with this privacy policy. Cantemo may also share certain personal information to third party partners to provide or improve Cantemo’s products and services. However, Cantemo will not share personal information with third parties for their marketing purposes unless Cantemo has received explicit consent to such use.


If a user uploads images, video or other content that holds personal data, or adds metadata, either manually, using the available API’s, or in any other way possible, containing personal data on already existing media assets or content, said user is the personal data controller for such information and is thus fully responsible for the processing of such information and that the processing of the information is compliant with applicable laws, such as the Swedish Personal Data Act (SFS 1998:204), and after 25 May 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation ((EU) 2016/679). Said user will control the purpose for the processing of such personal data. Cantemo will be the personal data assistant for such processing and will not process the personal data for any other purpose than storage on behalf of the user.

2. Cookies and other technologies


Cantemo may use technologies, such as cookies, to collect information about the page’s users´ view, the links users´ click and other actions users take on Cantemo’s services. Cookies are small text files that are stored on the hard drive through web browsers.


Cantemo may use cookies in order to store a user’s preferences and other information on the user’s computer in order to save time by eliminating the need to repeatedly enter the same information, for example by remembering personal information when using the Platform, and to display user’s personalized content and targeted advertising upon later visits to its websites. However, the cookies used on Cantemo’s websites does not normally contain information that identifies users personally.

2.3 Cookies on Cantemo’s websites

Cantemo uses session cookies as well as persistent cookies on its websites. A session cookie is a temporary cookie which is erased when a session is ended, i.e. usually when the browser is closed, while a persistent cookie is stored in one of the browser’s subfolders until deleted manually or the set duration period of the persistent cookie expires.


Cantemo uses cookies such as phhasloggedin in order to determine whether to show “sign up” or “log in” when prompting a user to log in, phstvariants in order to determine which version of a page to show to a user, and phsessionid in order to remember information about a logged in user.

2.5 Third party cookies on Cantemo’s websites

Cantemo also uses third party cookies. Third party cookies may be necessary in order for third parties to provide its services to Cantemo. Cantemo uses third party cookies such as __ga in order to access e.g. Google Analytics data.


Users have the ability to accept or decline cookies. Most web browsers automatically accept cookies, but this can be avoided through modifying the settings to decline cookies as well as delete existing cookies from the device. If users choose to decline and/or delete cookies, they may not be able to use all features of Cantemo’s websites or services that depend on use of cookies.


Our Privacy Policy may change from time to time, all updates will be posted on this page.

The text was last updated 28th November 2017