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  • Asset

Adobe Premiere Pro Project Support

The iconik panel supports storing the project file in iconik. This can help when sharing a project between different users, or for archiving the project file itself.

Uploading Project

From the search page, click on the gearbox. There will be an option for “Upload Project". Clicking on this will upload to the Project Asset which will have the same name as the Project.

If you have already uploaded once, and upload again the existing file will be replaced with the new one that has just been uploaded.

Downloading the Project from the panel

From the search page, or the asset page for the project, you can download and import as per any other asset. The difference is Adobe Premiere Pro opens a dialog on how you would like to open the project. Please refer to the Adobe Premiere Pro documentation.

Downloading the Project using a web browser.

It is also possible to go to the asset's page and click on the Formats tab to get a link to the project that has been uploaded. This will download it to disk, and you can open as per any other file.

When media is missing Adobe Premiere Pro will try and find the media as per normal.

Team Project Support

Currently we do not support the above workflow with Adobe Team Projects. Continue to use Adobe Team Projects instead for storing Adobe Premiere Pro Projects.

If you wish to use our project support, convert the Team Project to a normal Premiere Pro Project file and then it can be uploaded.

Uploading all non-iconik assets

In an Adobe Premiere Pro Project you might have media that is in your project that only exists locally and that should be uploaded to iconik so that it can be shared with others or made available to other projects.

  1. Open the iconik panel
  2. Make sure that you are logged into iconik via the panel.
  3. Click on the menu for the panel (at the very top of the panel, it's shown as three lines, next to the label ”iconik”).
  4. Choose "Project" > "Upload Non-iconik Project Items"
  5. Do not close the panel or project whilst iconik is uploading (you can watch the progress in the TRANSFERS window).

If you have a large amount of files, or very large files this process can take some time

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