Metadata Category Administration

Metadata Category lets you decide which metadata views are available, and where they are available and in which order they are listed. You can choose whether a metadata view is allowed for:

  • Assets
  • Collection
  • Custom Actions
  • Search
  • Segments

For example, when a user goes to an Asset's page and enters metadata they can choose between all the Metadata Views that you have made available for Assets. If there is only one, there is no choice apart from the one you have set.

Update Metadata Categories

  1. Click on ADMIN in the top navigation.
  2. Choose Metadata from the left navigation bar.
  3. Choose Categories from the tabs menu under the title.
  4. Choose from the left side the Metadata Category to edit. Metadata Views in that category will show up on the right side:
    • Add Metadata Views to the current category - Choose views from the dropdown and select
    • Arrange Metadata Views - Drag Metadata Views to the desired position.
    • Remove Metadata Views - Click on the X icon on the right side of the Metadata View.
    • Additionally, Metadata Views can be added to categories from the Metadata View editor.

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